What you will learn

istock_course details  I booked on a course with my husband and never looked back.

I had no training for the birth of my first child.  Like most mums-to-be I just assumed I would have no control over the birth and that I could leave everything to the midwives at my nearest hospital.  I was offered a date to be artificially induced and just accepted it without doing my research into what that really meant.  As a result, my first experience of birth was chaotic and traumatic.  When I became pregnant with my second child, I wanted a better experience.  So I decided to take responsibility for my own birth.  I researched different ways of preparing for birth (NCT classes / Pregnancy Yoga / A Hospital Antenatal Course etc) before discovering KG Hypnobirthing.  I booked on a course with my husband and never looked back.  The amount of knowledge it gave us, enabled us to take control of how we wanted our birth to be.  We soon found out that knowledge really is power. 

If you're reading this, thinking "I don't know how much I don't know" then you would probably benefit from seeing a list of things you can expect to learn on a Butterfly Hypnobirthing course:

How the Mind Works

How the Uterus Works
How to Ensure they Work Together
The Inner Workings of the Nervous System
How Fear Hinders Birth
How to Overcome Fear

Breathing Techniques


Relaxation during Pregnancy
Optimal Position Ready for Birth

Helping Baby’s Position

How to avoid back-to-back or breech babies

The Best Place to Have Your Baby

The Role of The Birth Partner

How to Communicate with Midwives

The Inaccuracy of Due Dates
Sweeps, Inductions and Other Medical Interventions

How to Avoid Being Induced

Birth and The Law and Your Rights
Taking Responsibility for Your Birth

How to Write Your Birth Plan

Advice on Further Reading & Research

Creating the Right Environment For Birth

How You Will Know if it's Labour

Relaxing During Labour

The Best Positions for Labour

How to Avoid Tearing

Breathing Techniques

The Different Stages of Labour

Medical Choices for Your Newborn (Cord Clamping / Vitamin K Injection / Placenta Options etc)

Meeting Your Baby and Communicating with Each Other

Creating the Right Environment for Bonding

Some couples can learn all these things from the book and CD.  Some couples prefer to learn all these things by doing the course.  You probably won't know which category you fall into until you go into labour.  I'm not sure which category you will fall into, but I would love to teach you everything I know about hypnobirthing.  I am always happy to help, so please give me a call if you want to know more:

Tel:  07810 550 982