Like the butterfly, I had the confidence and belief that my baby would emerge safely from her cocoon and our lives would be transformed.

I prepared for the birth of my second baby by attending a KG Method Hypnobirthing course.  Like the butterfly, I had the confidence and belief that my baby would emerge safely from her cocoon and our lives would be transformed.  Sure enough, after just 55 minutes of established labour, I was holding my beautiful baby girl in my arms.  For what seemed like hours, I gazed into her eyes in absolute awe.  What did I see there?  The miracle of birth, in all its glory. 

The birth of my daughter was the most magical experience of my life.  Everyone who meets her, is touched by how happy she is.  As she grows up, I feel more convinced that the way she came into the world has played a large part in shaping the child she is today.  There is no better testament to hypnobirthing than that!

Here are some client testimonials for hypnobirthing.  I sincerely hope to be publishing YOUR testimonial on this page very soon!

Lisa - Life Changing Experience

... I can speak from the heart and share what an empowering, life changing experience Hypnobirthing was.  It enabled me to have two fantastic births, bringing my husband and I closer together and making the bond between us and our babies immeasurable.  You get more of what you focus on, and by putting in the practice, you can have an amazing birth experience.

Victoria & Chris - Most Wonderful

From the day we commenced our hypnobirthing course my attitude towards the birth of my child changed dramatically. An event that I was secretly dreading turned into something that I was really looking forward to. My partner was extremely supportive and towards the end of our pregnancy we were practicing at least one of the relaxation exercises each day ... [at the Hospital Birthing Room] ... I was helped to a comfortable part of the room with bean bags where I sat on my hands and knees and within two more surges my beautiful daughter was born at 6:30am ... she has been and is the most wonderful little girl.

Joanne - Calm And Peaceful

I am sure Elsie will continue to grow and retain her self-assured confidence that she has gained from being born in a calm, peaceful atmosphere to calm and peaceful parents.

Chris - The Right Mix

... for me, Hypnobirthing has the right mix of science, experience, common sense and wisdom.

Sophia - Changed My Life

Hypnobirthing changed my life completely!  I turned the biggest fear of my life into the most empowering experience of my life!


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