Be Prepared

Baby in the most usual position for birth  ... reduce your child's lifetime risk of developing asthma, cerebral palsy, chronic lung disease, diabetes, epilepsy ...

How you PREPARE for birth and how your baby is BORN, will ultimately affect the rest of your baby’s life!

Decisions you make whilst you are pregnant can make all the difference to your child’s health.  Midwives are trained to provide you with care and support but they do not have time to teach you the long-term consequences of HOW your baby is born. You are expected to do your own research about medical procedures for you and your newborn baby.

For example … you need to let your midwife know in advance if you’re opting for delayed cord clamping.  If you’ve done your research you will know the optimum time to wait before cutting the cord in order to reduce your child’s lifetime risk of developing asthma, cerebral palsy, chronic lung disease, diabetes, epilepsy and parkinson's disease. There won’t be time in the delivery room to start studying the statistics!

There are lots of ways to prepare for birth. You can read all the books, pay for publications, trawl the internet, ask friends and family or lose hours in the labyrinth of Facebook. The smartest mums simply BOOK ON THE BUTTERFLY BIRTH COURSE AND LET ME PREPARE THEM FOR BIRTH. Of course, there are always some people who just don’t bother. The mums who ‘don’t have time’ because they are too stressed at work. The mums who ‘can’t afford it’ because they’ve overspent on the nursery / the buggy / the cute baby clothes. And the mums who are content to just ‘go with the flow’ because they don’t realise they can influence their baby’s health.

Stressed mums … anxiety can be transferred.  Certain genes get switched on.  Recent studies have found a strong link between stress during pregnancy and the development of ADHD in those children. 

Skint mums … your baby won’t be able to see the freshly painted nursery. A baby can only focus on things that are about 14 inches away. That’s your face and your nipple! Forget cute clothes.  They take too long to put on and quickly get covered in poo. No child has ever said ‘thanks for pushing me around in that trendy buggy’ once they learn to talk.

Ignorant mums … your baby might struggle to learn to talk if you are deficient in certain nutrients whilst pregnant.

Smart mums know they only get one chance to have this baby and they’re not going to leave it to chance! Be a smart mum ... do your research and be prepared!  The quickest and easiest way to do this is to book on the Butterfly Birth course:

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