Benefits for parents

istock_childbirth lady  I had a SHORTER labour than most women ... very little pain

Since you started telling people you're pregnant, how many GOOD birth stories have you heard?  One?  None?  Sadly, this seems to be the norm. Even total strangers might soon give you a running commentary of their own awful birth experience.  The good news is that you don't have to accept the norm.  Your birth story can be different. 

Below are all the benefits experienced by hypnobirthing mums.  Read the words out loud if you want to.  After all, they could be your words soon:

*  I had a RELAXED pregnancy by practising mindfulness and visualisations
*  I OVERCAME my fears and was confident in my ability to give birth
*  I looked closely at current MEDICAL GUIDELINES so I understood my choices
*  I felt in CONTROL of my own birth
*  I used the BREATHING METHODS I was taught to make birth easier
*  I had a SHORTER LABOUR than most women
*  I had very little pain when I gave birth / I had no pain at all when I gave birth (you choose)
*  I was CALM, which helped the natural process of birth
*  I needed less medical intervention and RECOVERED QUICKLY after the birth
*  I LOVED giving birth and can't wait to do it again!

It's exciting isn’t it?  And this is the NORM for hypnobirthing mums!  Let’s not forget about fathers though.  They have a crucial role in hypnobirthing and learn to do EVERYTHING, except give birth.  After all, being parents is a joint effort.  When you attend a Butterfly Birth course together, your partner will:

*  Start to form a connection with their unborn baby
*  Be less fearful of the unknown as they learn more (which helps you)
*  Practise with you (which can make your relationship stronger)
*  Know how to deal with logistics/medics so you don’t end up doing everything yourself!
*  Support you during the birth, instead of standing around looking helpless
*  Feel proud to have had an active role during the birth
*  Enjoy bonding with the new baby
If you google recent studies, you will find the following statistics for hypnobirthing mums:

80% fewer requests for pain medication
50% less epidurals
45% reduction in caesarean sections
Shorter labour by an average of three hours
Decreased use of artificial induction
Fewer preterm and low-weight babies
Fewer cases of post-natal depression reported

The benefits for parents are just the tip of the iceberg ... wait until you see the benefits for babies!

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