Benefits for babies

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Hypnobirthing empowers both the mother and the birthing partner, as well as having a positive effect on the baby.  The Butterfly Birth course will provide the best foundation for your baby, for the rest of its life.

Transition from womb to world

*  Relaxation during the course can positively affect your baby’s brain development in the womb
*  Endorphins you produce during birth pass on to your baby, ensuring a pleasurable experience
*  Your baby arrives calm, stress-free and happy
*  APGAR scores (measuring colour/reflexes/breathing/pulse rate/muscle tone) are usually improved
*  Your baby is more likely to be drug free, alert and ready to bond with you
*  Being alert, your baby will find it easy to latch on to the breast and feed well
*  After a good birth, babies tend to thrive and don’t often lose weight postnatally
*  Hypnobirthing babies tend to sleep better; so you get more rest

Did you know that the very FIRST relationship a baby has; determines ALL its relationships for the REST of its life?"  Yes, that's right.  The blue-print is laid down at birth.  If the transition from womb to world is smooth and calm, the first relationship your baby has will be a good one.  This will shape your baby's future:

Transition from baby to toddler

*  Relaxation during pregnancy will help your baby to fight off viral infections as children & adults
*  Hypnobabies have higher general intelligence
*  Much improved language abilities
*  Less incidence of ADD and ADHD
*  A lower chance of autism
*  A better chance of making secure attachments with other people

As your child moves into adulthood

*  Hypnobabies enjoy good health later in life – as this is determined during pregnancy
*  Less prone to depression, diabetes, obesity, schizophrenia and stress-related illness
*  Improved chances of survival from diseases such as leukaemia and lung cancer
*  Children who had the benefit of a secure attachment have a positive outlook on life
*  Secure attachments lead to high self-esteem and confidence in adulthood
*  As an adult, your child will be less likely to end up in dysfunctional relationships with others

Simply book on a Butterfly Birth course for your best chance of a relaxed pregnancy and euphoric labour as you birth the super human you’ve created.  You will then be free to immerse yourself in their happy childhood with zero regrets.  When the time comes for you to release your confident, well-adjusted adult into the wider world, your legacy will be the gift of an individual who will touch the hearts of everyone they meet and make the world a better place.

So please, please ... do the whole world a favour and book yourself and your partner on the next available course:

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