About Butterfly

About Butterfly The opportunity for an empowering birth, a special bond and the best possible foundation for your baby

This is me, Hannah Steventon with my two children, Samson and Elsa (named before Disney's "Frozen" was released)!

My story

When I was pregnant with Sam, I wasn't really sure what sort of "preparation" I should have been doing.  I attended the usual midwife appointments and a Hospital Antenatal Class and that was it.  I was given a date to be artificially induced, with no valid reason and I never questioned it.  My first experience of birth was chaotic and traumatic.  The weeks and months that followed were very difficult and I still have regrets about the unnatural way my son entered the world.

When I became pregnant with Elsa, I wanted a better experience.  My husband and I booked on to a KG Hypnobirthing course. The extra knowledge we gained made all the difference.  It enabled us to take control of how we wanted the birth to be.  We were able to keep medical intervention at bay for the most wonderful natural birth.  Not only that, but our awareness of the golden hour helped us ensure we had plenty of undisturbed time together as a family. 

I was so surprised that hypnobirthing had made such a difference to my birth.  I wanted to tell EVERYONE I met.  I also wanted other mums to experience the euphoria that I had felt, whilst giving birth.  So, I decided to become a teacher.  On the day I graduated my teacher training - Butterfly Hypnobirthing was born. 

I would love to give YOU the same opportunity that I had.  The opportunity for an empowering birth, a special bond and the best possible foundation for your baby - for the rest of its life.

My training

I am fully qualified to teach the Katharine Graves (KG) Method of Hypnobirthing.  The KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and is the training of choice for hypnotherapists, mums-to-be, private midwives, royal midwives and NHS midwives:

"Having completed a degree course in Midwifery, it's easy to see that your course is taught at a level that is comparable with university modules
and teaching standards.  It's well researched and supported by the latest evidence.  This is what sets KG Hypnobirthing apart from others
and why I chose to study KG Hypnobirthing."  - Midwife

As well as my Teaching Diploma, I am a Master Practitioner Hypnotherapist.  I studied Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence, which is endorsed by ILM (part of the City & Guilds Group).   Apart from my qualifications, I have also given birth twice.  The first time round - with synthetic oxytocin; gas and air and no idea what was going on.  The second time round - with a glass of water and my hypnobirthing techniques. 

So that's all you need to know about Butterfly.  All you need to do now is check the course dates and reserve your place :-)

Tel:  07810 550 982